Russian President Vladimir Putin has commissioned the creation of a National Base for Genetic Information. This is stated in the list of instructions following the meeting on the development of genetic technologies on May 14. 

The government will be responsible for creating the base with the participation of the Kurchatov Institute National Research Center.

“To ensure the creation and operation of the information and analytical system for storing and processing genetic data“ National Base for Genetic Information, ”including the development of formats for storing and transmitting data, related search programs and software,” the document says on the Kremlin’s website.

Starting from 2021, funds from the federal budget should be allocated annually for these purposes.

In addition, Putin gave a number of other instructions in the field of development of genetic technologies. In particular, it is planned to create domestic laboratory equipment necessary for conducting world-class research.

The Cabinet of Ministers was also instructed to provide for the creation of national bioresource centers in the areas of the federal scientific and technical program for the development of genetic technologies for 2019-2027. At the same time, there is a need to predict the need for personnel in this area for the period until 2030.

In addition, Putin ordered the development of school curricula and modules on genetics, as well as providing continuing education for teachers in this area.

In addition, the Cabinet must contribute to the program for the creation and development of centers for genomic research the development of vaccines for the prevention of coronavirus.

“To ensure that changes are made to programs for the creation and development of world-class genomic research centers aimed at expanding the list of activities related to the development of methods and tools for diagnosing a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), creating vaccines for the prevention of this infection, as well as drugs for it treatment, ”the order says.

The president was also instructed to consider introducing amendments to the legislation of Russia on taxes and fees, which would include the possibility of including technological partners of the federal scientific and technical program for the development of genetic technologies for 2019-2027 as part of the investment costs aimed at developing genetic technologies in order to implement this programs.

Build a control system

Recall, on May 14, the head of state held a meeting via videoconference, during which he thanked geneticists for their contribution to the development of vaccines and drugs from COVID-19, and also stated the need to develop a number of genetic technologies in the country in the field of medicine, industry and the environment.

“Russia should have a whole line of developments that will prevent and treat serious diseases, increase people's lifespan, improve the environment, clean the land, water, air from pollution, use environmentally friendly biofuel. That is, we are talking about a variety of areas: from medicine and agriculture to industry and energy, where genetic technologies open up enormous opportunities, ”the president emphasized.

The Russian leader said that genetic technology offers opportunities that must be used in the interests of citizens. He stated that scientific groundwork must be quickly converted into real technologies and competitive products.

Speaking about the creation of the National Base of Genetic Information, he recalled the need to carefully protect the personal data of citizens.

“The point is to ensure data protection, storage and transfer, development of software tools for searching, analyzing and modeling information on the basis of common standards. I also draw special attention: it is necessary to reliably protect personal data of citizens, other sensitive information, ”he emphasized.

In addition, the president called for building a system of control over the use of genetic technologies in such a way as to “find a balance between freedom of scientific research, the interests of people, the protection of their interests and ethical issues.”