Dmitriev said that this drug “will be delivered to clinics in Russia on June 11, and will be provided free of charge for Russians under the compulsory medical insurance program.”

“We also conduct tests for treatment with this drug on an outpatient basis,” RIA Novosti quoted RIA Novosti as saying.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health approved the drug against the coronavirus Avifavir.

The register of medicines specifies that the trade name of the drug is Avifavir, and the international non-proprietary (or grouping, or chemical) name is Favipiravir.

On May 13, the RDIF and the KhimRar group of companies announced the first interim positive results of a clinical study of favipiravir in patients hospitalized with coronavirus infection.

Virologist Alexander Chepurnov in an interview with Nation News spoke about measures that, he said, help reduce the number of patients with coronavirus.