A so-called anti-splash mask that is thinner and lighter than conventional health masks and blocks some droplet-like particles has been launched on the internet today (5th). In hot weather, there were crowds of people looking for a sale site, but the 200,000 copies prepared on the first day were sold out around 2 o'clock today.

Reporter Chan-Bum Park covered.

<Reporter> It

is an online site of a mask for masks to prevent splash.

Even before the sale of the mask, people flocked together and the server went down, and even after 9:00 AM, when the sales began in earnest, access delays and errors continued throughout.[President Jong-Han Park/Mask Production Company: I received a phone call directly from the Korea Internet & Security Agency to my company because it was a kind of hacking or a problem because of an'abnormal sign'.]

Most of the purchases were made while the number of concurrent users soared up to 7.8 million. Had to give up.

[Kim Hye-won/Seoul Yangcheon-gu: I looked up on the Internet article right away, so everyone gave up saying that it shouldn't be that way, and I didn't give up any more.] In

the midst of this, the 200,000 pieces prepared today were sold out around 2pm.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA) said that by the end of the month, the production of anti-splash masks will increase to 1 million sheets per day.

However, we drew a line about how to supply it as a public mask.

[Kim Sang-bong/Director of Biopharmaceuticals, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety: The market circulation could be reduced that much, so I decided that it would not be the case to use an

anti-splash mask as a public mask. is.

The particle blocking performance is inferior to that of a health mask between 55 and 80 in KF standards, but it is thin and easy to breathe because it is preferred in the summer.

For this reason, if a large number of demands for health masks currently supplied as public masks are driven by anti-splash masks, the market shortage will likely continue for the time being.

(Video coverage: Hyun-Cheol Park, Yong-Ju Joo, Min-Cheol Kim, Video Editing: Park-Jae)

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