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arrest warrant for the suspect in the so-called'Don't Ask Seoul Station' assault was dismissed. The judge said he could not give a warrant because the process of entering the suspect's home and arresting him was illegal.

I am Jeong Yun-sik.


Deputy Chief Justice Kim Dong-hyun of the Seoul Central District Court said yesterday (4th) that he denied a request for a warrant of arrest for Lee Mo, the 32-year-old suspect in the Seoul Station assault case.

Lee is accused of running away after hurting a woman she saw for the first time at Seoul Station on the 26th of last month.

The police, who tracked the suspect based on CCTV analysis, filed for an arrest warrant after arresting Mr. Lee at home in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the 2nd.

Judge Kim determined that the arrest process was illegal.

Emergency arrests are permitted only when there is an urgent situation in which an arrest warrant cannot be issued in advance, even if there is a fear of destruction of evidence or escape because the suspect has been charged with imprisonment for three years or longer. I couldn't.

Judge Kim was forced to open the door and forcibly enter the door because the police knew Lee's identity, address, and cell phone number, and Lee was sleeping at home, so there was no time to get an arrest warrant, as it was not the case to remove evidence. He pointed out that it was not a situation to do.

Judge Kim said, "Even if a criminal is suspected, there is no exception to the protection of the tranquility of housing without constitution and law."

The police are likely to decide whether to reapply for a warrant after investigating Lee, who was released.