Video service Zoom does not provide encrypted calls to free users, as authorities can intervene if the platform is abused. Zoom director Eric Yuan confirms this after the publication of the quarterly figures.

If Zoom is "abused", authorities can access information from that user. Alex Stamos, security adviser at Zoom, writes on Twitter that this means, for example, child abuse or calls to hate. "Zoom is working with authorities to provide access to the worst repeat offenders."

Stamos emphasizes that Zoom never actively follows conversations. "We don't secretly record anything either. Not now and not in the future."

Zoom plans to add security to video calls from paying customers. Only the sender and recipient of a conversation have access to the content. Chat apps like WhatsApp have this enabled by default to cater to user privacy.

Zoom is dealing with some serious safety issues. When people disrupt meetings (sometimes with hate speech, CSAM, exposure to children and other illegal behaviors) that can be reported by the host. Zoom is working with law enforcement on the worst repeat offenders.

AvatarAvatar Author alexstamos Time of places 06: 07 - 3 June 2020

Profits and turnover are rising sharply

Zoom released its quarterly results Tuesday evening from February through April this year. The company saw its net income increase from $ 2.2 million (about $ 1.96 million) in the same quarter last year to $ 27 million in the previous quarter. Sales also rose sharply, from $ 122 million to $ 328 million.

This increase is mainly due to the frequent use of the video service since the coronavirus outbreak. Zoom does not disclose how many users the service has now. In April, the company wrote that 300 million people participate in a meeting every day.