The website, which contains advice for holiday destinations, was difficult to reach on Wednesday evening. Prime Minister Mark Rutte referred to the website during the press conference on Wednesday, immediately after that the website hardly loaded. is the public website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The government and RIVM communicate all information for Dutch citizens about living, working and traveling abroad on the website.

During the press conference, Rutte said that from June 15 it will again be possible to go on holiday in a number of countries. He advised Dutch people to check the website for advice on holiday destinations.

"Regularly check and In this way, the summer of 2020 will be a period of relaxation, but not relaxing," says Rutte.

The website was available again just before the end of the press conference.

Everyone is looking at this website en masse whether they can go on holiday 😂? #ligtplat

AvatarAvatar Author Redpassionx Moment of places 17: 32 - 3 June 2020

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Update: This message was updated when the website was available again.