KBS, who had a tumult in an attempt to illegally shoot a female toilet from a public freelance comedian, said, "I feel great responsibility for the situation where one of the performers is mentioned even if the suspect is not a KBS employee."

KBS issued an entrance statement today (3rd) and said, "We take seriously (the incident) regarding the discovery of illegal imaging equipment in the research building."

The official statement that stated the company's responsibility, not whether the suspect belonged to KBS or not, was the first in the case, three days after the incident was announced through the media on the 31st of last month.

KBS emphasized that it will endeavor to prevent recurrence and prevent damage related to illegal shooting.

Immediately after finding the illegally photographed device, we reported it to the police and cooperated with the investigation, and confirmed that there was no problem by urgently inspecting the main building, the new building, the annex, and the research building.

A space dedicated to women in regional (total) countries will also be launched.

"We emphasize the importance of thorough investigation and punishment, and that secondary damage should never occur in this process," KBS said. "KBS is fully aware of its responsibilities and is committed to preventing recurrence and preventing secondary damage." I promise again and again that I will do everything."

Earlier, the Chosun Ilbo reported that'the suspect is a male employee who works for KBS' on the night of the 1st, but KBS quickly denied it and issued a message to respond legally.

In response to this, the Korean Women's Association criticized that "if you express your stance that you are not an employee of KBS, will there be no illegal camera installed in the bathroom of KBS?"