Google has been sued in the United States for claiming the Chrome browser violates user privacy. Google is also said to collect data from people who use the internet browser's private mode, which the prosecutors say is illegal.

It is a so-called 'class action' lawsuit. More people can join the prosecution in a class action case. Prosecutors want Google's parent company Alphabet to pay at least $ 5 billion, about $ 4.5 billion, in damages.

Google's Chrome or Browser private mode or Incognito mode allows users to search the Internet without the browser saving this search activity. However, according to the prosecutors, Google still collects data from users via Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and plug-ins.

This will allow Google to learn more about users' friends, hobbies, favorite foods and shopping habits, and even the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” they're looking for online, the complaint said.

A Google spokesperson says the company will vigorously defend itself against the claims. Google says the search engine is honest in advance about the data collected in private mode. "As we clearly indicate each time users open a new Incognito tab, websites may be able to collect information about the search activity," said the spokesperson.