We told you of a case where a woman was assaulted at Seoul Station last week for no reason by a man you don't know. The railroad special judicial police who did not secure CCTV around the station for a week after that happened caught up with the suspect a little later in cooperation with the police. We investigated whether there were any problems in the investigation process.

Reporter Kang Min-woo.

<Reporter> Since

it happened in history, the special judicial police station was responsible for the investigation.

The railroad police secured statements from the victim about the suspect's escape and impressions from the beginning, but there was no progress in the investigation.

Maybe you haven't figured out the escape route?

It is a CCTV video secured by SBS. A man in a white t-shirt and beige pants runs around, and the victim points to the man as a suspect.

[Assault victim: And I can think of all the patterns on the T-shirt. This person is right. This person is 100% right.]

I traced this man's movement.

Repeat the walk, run, and hold with your hands in case the mask falls.

You may even look back at who is following you.

The suspect's route was captured by CCTVs on the road.

According to the CCTV analysis so far, the suspect walked all the way along the road and found the alley and descended the alley.

We will also go down this alley and trace where the suspect went.

As it was an alley, there was a lot of forked roads, so it wasn't easy to grasp.

The neighboring police departments that received requests for assistance began securing CCTVs in the morning (2nd) a week after the incident.

[Police officials: I'm not sure. We have just been put in. Exactly now... It's nearby, so I'm checking

it out .] The railroad police, who were criticized for not being able to accurately identify the suspect, said they had arrested the suspect in Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul a little later after asking the police for assistance.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, Video editing: Won-hee Won, CG: Announcement Suh Jeong-jeong)