seriously? The closure of Berlin Tegel Airport is delayed and the BER is still not open? The Berlin absurdity screw is one turn further. You can already hear the blasphemy: Berlin is now failing twice - some people can't get it, others can't.

Don't laugh too soon. It's serious. And different. Everything.

Wanting to close Tegel is like holding a turned-on sink tap with your thumb - the planes find their way into the air like the water into the kitchen. The connoisseurs of the situation in Berlin have long guessed it: Airport Otto Lilienthal, built in 1948, will remain in operation forever. This has been people's will anyway since the 2017 ruling, ignored by those up there.

They are already pursuing a sinister secret plan, there is no other way to explain it: around the turn of the millennium, when the C-Netz was still active, there was a time when the Brandenburg construction industry was weakening. The state founded an economic development company - the airport company. She pretended to build an airport. Billions of euros flowed, Brandenburg's construction sector blossomed. When BER 2013 threatened to be finished, a circle of wealthy electrical installers bribed an employee of the construction office in the Dahme-Spreewald district. For years, the man obediently refused to remove the cable ducts.

Because the BER should never be finished. The next postponement comes, the announcement date is scheduled and priced in the Dax. And from well-informed circles it trickles through why: The ITB tourism exchange, the Lollapalooza music festival, the hemp parade - you have acquired so much routine in refusing - and the Senate-based advertising agency Shrimps & Enemys have been recommending canceling to the USP for years to make the federal capital. Unfortunately, the search for an author for the press release is delayed.

Only those who look closely and ask questions will recognize the truth: Why has the flight plan in Tegel been extremely thinned out in the past few months? Corona? Oh what, that's why it is less noticeable! Of course, in order to protect the old infrastructure for the future. Then why were so many flights canceled? To upgrade in secret! To replace luggage belts at check-ins or to replace outdated computers. Yes, that is of course also in the spirit of Bill Gates - Hundredpro runs in Berlin with Windows XP as prone to failure as possible.