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Current critic Gohyunjun's news crack will start. What is your first news today (3rd)?

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Criticism>

Demonstrations against racial discrimination are ongoing across the United States. In the midst of this, impressive scenes are being produced all over the protest site, attracting attention.

A black boy standing in front of the police raises both hands. The boy knelt down as if he had no intention of threatening.

At that moment, a white girl carrying a backpack walked in front of the boy without hesitation, kneeling with both hands just like the boy, while protecting the boy with one arm.
Police have narrowed the streets, but there is no fear. When the police grabbed the girl's arm and tried to raise it, the girl turned back and embraced the boy.

Right next to them, two black people fell on the floor and white people stood like a barrier. Even though the police pushed hard, they went forward again.

The video, which is slightly longer than 30 seconds, is shared by more than 200,000 times on social media, making a huge impact on American society.

The netizens pointed out that the girl showed that she would not be hurt and that she had the power to protect a black boy, showing how to use the privileges of whites. 


Actually, we are protesting to get rid of these privileges and discrimination, and it is a little ironic that we should be impressed by the use of such privileges. It seems to be a video that shows that racism is deeply rooted.

<Go Hyun-jun/Critic critic>

Yes. It seems that the expression of human rights and equality are more appropriate than the expression of privilege.


It is an expression written by some netizens. Please tell me the next news.

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will deliver the next news. The fact that firefighters and citizens on the way to rescue unconscious drivers in tunnels became late is becoming a hot topic.

It's inside a tunnel in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk, on the 19th of last month, and a man tries to stop a light car with his bare body.
The male is a firefighter at the 119 Rescue and Emergency Center at the Gimcheon Fire Department, who went to work for night shifts. It was said that it was a dangerous situation.

Fortunately, there weren't many cars around, and the place was inside the tunnel, so a small accident could lead to a catastrophic event, but other citizens who saw the vehicle trying to stop were added to the vehicle, eventually stopping the car.

The firefighters and citizens, who moved the driver to a safe place, looked at the driver's condition until the ambulance and police arrived, and even took care of the traffic to prevent a second traffic accident.

The firefighter witnessed a dangerous situation, and even though his body moved by itself, he helped citizens like his job and prevented a serious accident.


There are so many heroes hiding in various places in our society, like movies, and they seem to be active. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Critic> The

next news is that the first graders of high school, the second graders of middle school, and the third and fourth graders of elementary school will start school.

However, the Student Health Status Self-Diagnosis site, which checks students for suspected symptoms of corona19 before school, failed for two consecutive days.

According to the Ministry of Education, yesterday, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education's student health status self-diagnosis service caused access failure for 3 hours from 8 am.
Because of this, students who did not complete the self-diagnosis before going to school sometimes went to school because they passed school time.

Yesterday morning, there was also an error in access to the self-diagnosis site of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and Gyeonggi-do Office of Education.

The same problem occurred two days in a row, but the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education said that it was grasping the number of concurrent users and finding an error and looking for an improvement plan.

The Ministry of Education has introduced a student health self-diagnosis system to strengthen the school's network.

Students visit the site before school and check if there are any suspicious symptoms, such as fever, and whether there are no self-containers in the family. There is.