"One day a week, it's only 2 hours class, but I don't know why I'm going to school."

Even though there were no corona19 confirmers in the metropolitan area, parents of elementary school students complained when the 3rd school opening was scheduled as scheduled today (3rd).

On the board of education, there were a series of articles requesting suspension of school.

The Ministry of Education today made it necessary to attend first and third graders of high school, and second graders of middle school, as well as 3rd and 4th graders nationwide.

However, many elementary schools in Gyeonggi Province attended only the third grade.

4th graders go to school the other day set by the school.

This is because the Ministry of Education gave instructions to schools within the metropolitan area last week to be within one third of all students.

In the meantime, each school had its own schedule.

For this reason, many elementary schools have to go to school once a week by grade level by the end of this month.

After attending school, classes will be held for 1-4 classes.

Each class period is 30-40 minutes and the break is 5 minutes.

After school lunch and dismissal, you may return home immediately after class.

I go to school a day, stay in the classroom for about 2 hours, and then go home.

Each elementary school prepared a plan to attend every other week or every other day, odd or even after going through the survey before the 3rd school, but after the school department's guidelines, the school schedule was changed urgently and it was notified to parents last weekend.

"Mothers say that it is better to stop attending school for the first time, or stop schooling for the time being," said Kim Mo (44), a parent who has 4 elementary school students in Uijeongbu city. "I was concerned.

"The Ministry of Education also reduced the number of attending school because of concerns about the re-proliferation of Corona 19," said Nomo (43), a parent of elementary school students living in Paju. I complained.
Parents were also concerned about poor lunch.

This is because some schools have replaced meals with bread and juice due to the inability to prepare for food companies due to prolonged suspension of school.

The same is true for school boards and schools.

The Department of Education is not authorized to change the school policy set by the Ministry of Education.

Each school needs to come up with specific plans for attending school in line with this policy.

The Department of Education may first stop attending school if corona19 confirmed cases occur in the school, but if it occurs locally, it should consult the Ministry of Education.

An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education said, “We understand the complaints and worries of parents, but it is not the superintendent's authority to stop attending school.

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