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is easy to say that when the economic situation is not as good as these days, the profit will be a little more. Bank interest is low and business is more difficult, so it is not easy to find a suitable investment destination. However, there were people who said that they would develop an African gold mine.

There are hundreds of billions of people, but what it really is, first reporter Yoo Ki-ho reports.


At the end of February, police arrive at an office in Gangnam, Seoul.

[I came from Seoul Dobong Police Station. OOOO has been seized.]

The company claims that it has found the wrong office.

[Company official: Here is not OOOO. (It's all written here in front of OOO.)

But there is no such thing.] However, Mr. Hong Mo, the representative here, is charged with fraudulent fraud and fraud that raised money by making high profits without permission.

The main targets were those who failed to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier last year, it approached a cryptocurrency holder that had virtually ceased trading and proposed an investment in gold in Liberia, Africa.

[Mr. Hong Mo/CEO (at the time of the business briefing last year): I will bring gold. You'll find out how much and how much we can do.] I was overwhelmed with the idea

of accepting a cryptocurrency as an investment, but half of the total investment had to be made in cash.

In addition to investing in gold mines, we also proposed self- photographing machines to be installed in tourist spots as additional investment destinations.

When the money came out for the first time or two, victims who wanted to recover their principals poured money, but that was it.

[Mr. A/victim: I said that I would give 900,000 won (monthly profit), but only put about 800,000 won in my account. That's it for one month.] The

police have filed a warrant for arrest against three people, including Hong, on charges of fraudulent fraud and fraudulent charges of 35 billion won against more than 4,300 people.

(Video editing: Jongwoo Kim, VJ: Junho Kim, CG: Jaeyoung Choi) 

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