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Korean wolf, an endangered species first-class animal, will be released to the general public on June 6, three days later.

Daejeon O World announced that six Korean wolves born in April are growing stably and are open to visitors.

These young wolves are the third generation of wolves from Saratov, Russia, in 2008.
However, it was difficult for young wolves to grow up healthy as they are now.

In the meantime, born wolves are often sacrificed in the process of fighting between individuals, so there have been no wolves who have grown into adults for 5 years.

At the zoo, six babies born in April were separated from adult wolves and artificially bred from the beginning of birth, so they were able to grow steadily as they are now.

The young wolves are now very large, eating milk and chicken as staple food.

The netizens said, "Are you a wolf? What wolf is so cute?" Responded.