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An accident involving a Tesla Model 3 and a truck in Taiwan calls into question the efficiency of the Autopilot fitted to the Californian car, reports the specialized media 01.Net . The accident took place on Highway 1 this Monday in the early hours of the day. In the video surveillance images broadcast by the CNA media , we see a truck lying on its side on the two left lanes and the Tesla rushing over it, without slowing down. What to throw the disorder on the autopilot system developed by the company of autonomous cars.

The sky and the vehicle, inseparable

The owner of the electric vehicle claimed that he had automatically set the speed to 110 km / h and that the Autopilot was activated. The system should normally have allowed him to avoid this accident. In the images, we see that before the accident, other vehicles avoided the truck lying across the road. But when it's Tesla's turn, although it seems to brake, it ends up running in the roof of the truck.

A Taiwan road accident shows a Tesla pounding on a stopped truck. According to the information available, the electric car was in Autopilot mode.

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- 01net (@ 01net) June 2, 2020

If the Model 3 did not stop, it is because the Autopilot did not identify the recumbent truck as a vehicle, nor as an obstacle. The first fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S occurred four years ago and it involved a collision between an electric car and a truck entering a turn, recalls 01.Net . That day, the truck was white and the sky clear: a situation similar to the Taiwanese accident.

Autonomy, in complete contradiction

If the Autopilot is a valuable driving aid, it does not exempt the driver from being attentive. The latter must always keep both hands on the steering wheel. Otherwise, after a few seconds, messages are sent to the driver. As Tesla says on its website: "The current functionality of the Autopilot requires active monitoring by the driver and does not make the vehicle autonomous".

However, Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, had indicated that the Autopilot would transform the brand's models into autonomous vehicles by the end of the year. Some updates may be required.


Tesla: Autonomous taxis at the end of the year if the regulations follow, according to Elon Musk


Tesla 3 Cabrio, for an electric summer

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