Rapper Jang Yong-jun, who was accused of trying to change the driver after a drunk driving accident, was sentenced to probation in the first instance.

Judge Kyung-seon Kwon, the 11th detective of the Seoul Western District Law, sentenced Jang, who was detained for charges of dangerous driving injuries under the special law, sentenced to two years of probation in one year and six months in prison, and ordered 40 hours of lectures on compliance driving.

The judge said, "The defendant was drunk and had an accident while driving while it was difficult to drive normally. He was guilty of driving at a high limit in blood alcohol and driving over the speed limit."

He also said, "A, not himself, tried to evade liability by tricking him into driving at the time of the accident, and he was not guilty because he actively hindered the country's judicial acts."

The court stated that the reason for the sentence was "The severity of the victim's injury was not serious, and the agreement was reached, and the investigation on the day of the incident was taken into account and the insurance company committed an attempt to commit an accident."

Jang Je-won, son of the future unification party, was handed over to the court on September 7th of last year for driving around while driving drunk on a road near Gwangheungchang Station, Mapo-gu Subway Line 6, Seoul, around 2-3 am.

At the time, as a result of the police drinking test, Zhang's blood alcohol level was 0.12%, which exceeded the license cancellation level of 0.08%.