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A USB flash drive recommended by a member of the Glastonbury City Council (UK) advisory committee to combat the supposedly harmful effects of 5G is a scam, reports the BBC. The object called "5GBioShield" is actually a classic USB key that does not present any innovation while its manufacturer BioShield Distribution claimed that it was the result of "research" work. The key is sold for 339 pounds (around 380 euros).

Pulling apart a £ 339 anti-5G USB stick to find the “quantum tech” inside. Spoiler: I can get you a £ 5 device which will do as good a job https://t.co/KvI34RKNXi

- Rory Cellan-Jones (@ ruskin147) May 28, 2020

"The vulnerable must be protected from this kind of unscrupulous trade," said Stephen Knight, director of operations for the consumer advocacy association London Trading Standards. The latter joined forces with the London police anti-fraud unit to request the closure of the BioShield Distribution website.

"Quantum oscillation technology"

The portal highlights protection thanks to "a portable holographic nano-layer catalyst". The device is supposed to be used near "any electrical terminal or emitting radiation or an electromagnetic field". The key is presented as functioning thanks to “a technology of quantum oscillation” which “re-harmonizes the disturbing frequencies” of the electronic devices.

In a study on the possible dangers of 5G, the Glastonbury elected official said that he found 5GBioShield "useful".

A visibly classic USB key

Pen Test Partners, a company specializing in the internal analysis of machines to discover vulnerabilities, looked into the case of the controversial object. The device has been dismantled by experts. The latter believe that the only thing that separates it from a conventional USB key is "a sticker that looks like those that can be found per sheet in a stationery at 1 penny per unit".

Anna Grochowalska, co-director of BioShield Distribution, claims, however, "to be in possession of a large amount of technical information supported by past research. You will understand that we cannot disclose all of its sensitive data to third parties, for obvious reasons, ”she said.


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