38 new coroners in Korea increased yesterday (1 day) to 38. 73% of attendees were confirmed in the Incheon Pioneer Church-related worst case, and the health authorities urged them to refrain from religiously related cases.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


Of the 38 new corona19 diagnoses, only 2 are from overseas and 36 are cases of regional outbreaks.

Among the cases of regional outbreaks, the number of confirmed cases in Gyeonggi Province was the highest in 15, and 13 in Seoul and 8 in Incheon.

The health authorities said that the outbreak of patients is concentrated in the metropolitan area, which has a high population density and a high floating population, and warned residents of the metropolitan area to be alert.

There is also a growing concern about collective infection through religious deprivation, such as the Incheon Lantern Church.

This is because a large number can be confirmed if intimate people are kept in a tight space and do not keep the distance and wear a mask.

In the case of Somoim, a pioneering church in Incheon, 73% of attendees were confirmed as a result of an intermediate epidemiological survey.

[Sonyoungrae / Central accidents rectify the headquarters of Strategic Planning Captain: The results of the small group gathered tightly in a narrow space, attendees infected nearly result of such prayer, praise without using a mask to the 73% found]

health authorities a large church In the worship service, he pointed out that the spread of infection was minimized or minimized by following the rules of quarantine, such as putting on a street, wearing a mask, and refraining from hymns.

In addition, residents of the metropolitan area have asked to postpone appointments and meetings until the next weekend, and to refrain from using multi-use facilities such as restaurants and taverns.