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middle of the day, a man in the history of Seoul Station shook his fist with a fist. A woman was seriously injured, but the railway police in charge of the case have not identified a suspect for the first week.

Reporter Kang Min-woo covered.

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26th of last month, a man approached Kim Mo, who looked at a cell phone to call a taxi at Seoul Station during the day.

[Mr. Kim / Victim of Assault: He deliberately approached and hit the shoulder badly and then cursed ○○○. I beg your pardon? As I raised my voice, I punched my cheekbones with a fist as if I waited.]

Don't ask, this is where the assault took place.

The suspect, who shook his fist with a quiet fist, escaped from the door and escaped as Kim screamed and asked for help.

[Attack on witness: (Inside Seoul Station) It sounded so good that it would ring ... The sound was very loud. (Forehead) This was torn and blood was flowing.]

Kim, who was wearing glasses at the time, was seriously injured by tearing the skin near his eyes and breaking his cheekbones.

However, the special judicial police station in charge of the case did not catch the man on the 7th day, but could not even figure out who he was.

There was a CCTV on the scene of the incident, but because it was a blind spot, there was no assault scene, so tracking was limited.

[Mr. Kim / Victim of Assault: It was very scary and avoidable even if only men passed by. Seoul Station will never be able to go alone alone ... .]

Experts point out that due to the limited number of special investigators in the special envoy, it is necessary to actively collaborate with the police on serious matters.