As the number of families raising pets increased, so did the medical disputes. This poodle is a dog called 'Coco', who was admitted to an animal hospital last year for breast tumor surgery and has since been amputated, leading to a medical dispute between the hospital and the guardian.

What happened, reporter Lee Hyun-jung covered.

<Reporter> This is the

11-year-old poodle 'Coco' in January last year.

A is a companion dog to the family, but now the left front leg has disappeared and a bandage is worn all over the body.

What happened?

In September of last year, Coco had a breast tumor removal operation at an animal hospital in Seoul.

I was discharged after six days, but my gait was different.

[Mr. A (Guardian of Coco): I'm walking to drink water, but I can't reach the left forelimb like this.]

I took an x-ray at another hospital and the left forelimb bone was missing.

After protesting if there was a problem during the surgery, the hospital cast a coco on it, and was hospitalized from November.

However, in April, five months after hospitalization, Mr. A was surprised again.

When I cut off the bandage around my body, Coco's back was peeled off with a burn.

I told the director that the hot water mat that the nurse had put on my back burst.

[A's side / Record of conversation at the time (April 2nd): No, how to make a child like that ... ]

[Animal Hospital Director / At that time, I recorded a conversation (Last April 2): ​​I asked you to do a hot pack and make a water bed… I think I did it wrong.] When

I asked for treatment at another hospital, I couldn't do it anymore, so my forearm bones were exposed due to inflammation and muscle loss, and my muscles and skin were severely damaged by burns.

[Mr. A: If you don't cut your legs quickly, this is a hindrance to life (he said.)]

Coco eventually cut the forelimbs.

The hospital admitted that it was responsible for the burn caused by the hot water mat accident, but was not responsible for cutting the forelimb.

[Animal Hospital Director: I was surprised because there were no such signs. I didn't think it would go to amputation because the test numbers weren't too bad.]

Mr. A filed a complaint with the National Petition and SNS for hospital liability, and filed a lawsuit for damages, and the hospital sued Mr. A for alleged defamation. .

The medical dispute surrounding Coco was obscured through investigations and trials.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Kim Nam-sung, Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Park player)