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Yeouido, Seoul, one instructor was confirmed, and over 4,000 visitors to academy and institute were undergoing a thorough examination. After two students were confirmed, the infection continued to the mother of one student. The education authorities are conducting a special inspection of metropolitan schools until today (2nd).

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additional confirmer of Yeonsei-na, Yeouido, is a woman in her 40s who lives in Yeongdeungpo-gu.

This woman was the mother of a middle school student, a student of the school, who was previously confirmed, and had symptoms of fever and sore throat on the 30th of last month.

It is presumed to be an infection between mothers and daughters after delaying the test at home on the 28th of last month after having been judged negative.

[Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Personnel: The instructor was first confirmed. Two students in the same class as the instructor were confirmed second. In addition, it is estimated that one out of two students is infected with the mother and family.] The

health authorities are responsible for over 4,200 students, lecturers, and visitors from other academies and training centers in the building. A total of 3,900 of them have confirmed their voices, and the rest are waiting for results.

As the infection continued from the hagwon, the education authorities had an emergency.

Tomorrow, the Ministry of Education decided to conduct a special inspection of the metropolitan schools to this day ahead of the 3rd school opening day, where high school 1st, middle school 2nd, and 3rd-4th graders attend school.

In addition, the joint inspection will continue with the local government by the 14th.

However, the academy association strongly protested that regulating the entire school cost as a case of infection of a specific school has a serious impact on schools that are already in trouble due to long-term closure.