It turns out that students from Inha University College of Medicine committed cheating while taking a unit evaluation in the first semester class that was being conducted online during the Corona 19 incident.

According to Inha University on the 1st, it was confirmed that 41 people committed cheating in the unit evaluations of two subjects of the medical department, which were held online on March 12, 22, and April 18.

The students said that 2 to 9 people gathered in groups to solve problems together in one place or share their answers by phone or social media.

Students who did not participate in cheating raised problems with the school and voluntarily reported that 41 out of 52 second year students in medical science practiced cheating in the unit evaluation.

The school also checks to see if there has been any misconduct between medical students and first graders.

Inha University Medical School will hold a punishment committee this afternoon to decide on the disposition of students who have cheated.