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camera was found sneaking in the women's bathroom at KBS station in Yeouido, Seoul. An employee found and reported a portable auxiliary battery-shaped camera, and the police are looking for a suspect.

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This is a KBS research building composed of 5 apartments with 5 stories.

On the 29th, a report was filed with the police that there was a hidden camera for illegal shooting in the women's bathroom in the research dong.

In the same building, there was a practice room of a program performer, so it was known that the cast gathered and practiced on the day the illegal shooting device was found.

The photographed device was not transmitted in real time in the form of a mobile phone auxiliary battery, but was transmitted in such a way that the captured video was saved.

The police secured the shooting device in question at the scene.

Since there are no CCTVs in the hallway of the research hall or the entrance to the bathroom, the police are tracking suspects based on the equipment and CCTV video installed outside the building.

KBS announced that it will actively cooperate with police investigations to find suspects and prepare measures to prevent recurrence.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-ryul, video editing: Lee So-young)