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A new Facebook attempt to compete with TikTok? The American social network is launching a new mobile application allowing internet users to "make music together", Techcrunch reported on Wednesday, May 27 . Collab, this is the name of this new app, offers internet users to collaborate remotely to create small musical projects.

Presumably created during confinement, the application comes from Facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE) division , responsible for developing new experimental projects for the group. “Music is one of the most powerful creative means. With Collab, we leverage technology to help users unlock creative superpowers by collaborating on original music videos, from anywhere, ”read the NPE team blog.

Creation within everyone's reach

To use Collab, no musical experience is required. "With the application, you can create your own arrangement by adding your recording, or swiper, and discover an arrangement to complete your composition", specify its creators.

Collab is already available on iOS. There is no indication, however, that this application will be maintained over time. Indeed, like any product from the NPE division, it is only an experimental project which could disappear if it does not meet the expected success.


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