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Teachers from the Jeonbuk region made their own school cheer song for our students who had a difficult time with Corona 19.

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[happy in your smile, laugh louder, it's just a while away, carry your bag and come to school with your friends.]

What you're seeing now is the 18th grade elementary school and junior high school teachers in Jeonbuk who came to school together This is Song.

It wasn't finished yet, but in order to support our students who have been tired and struggling with Corona 19, Cho Young-soo's hit song 'Smile Boy' was opened and opened.

The teachers were awkward and awkward, but they also welcomed students to school while doing their own dances.

We have also prepared signposts with cheering phrases such as 'Strive Pretty Girls' and 'You are here, the school is spring'.

As the children's time at home got longer, they also noticed their appreciation for their parents who would have struggled to take care of the students.

The netizens responded, such as "I feel a warm heart towards the children." "I think there will be a lot of hard work going on in the field. Please be a little more energetic ..."

(Source: YouTube Seoa-tuk)