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A new scam that has been distributed by the WhatsApp messaging application is posing as the platform's technical service to get the verification keys of the users reporting an alleged illegitimate login.

This has been warned by the WABetaInfo portal, which has learned of the fraud through a WhatsApp user from Paraguay, who received a personal message from an account with the WhatsApp logo that was identified as the technical support of the 'app'. The scam is written in Spanish, with grammar errors.

In the fraudulent message, the cybercriminals try to deceive the user by claiming that "a WhatsApp account with their number has recently been registered." "We cannot determine if the login is legitimate," they add.

Under this pretext and threatening a supposed "indefinite suspension", the scammers seek to get hold of the six-digit WhatsApp verification codes that are sent by SMS to identify users .

WhatsApp never writes to users via WhatsApp personally , and if it does (for global ads, but it is very rare) it always shows a green verification indicator visible, as WABetaInfo has recalled, something that was not present in this fraud.

Likewise, WhatsApp never asks users for their personal data or verification codes, as they recall from the specialized portal.

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