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this unstable situation in the metropolitan area, the government decided to further reduce the number of students attending kindergarten and elementary and junior high schools in the metropolitan area to a third. It is a complementary measure to minimize student contact, but the administration of the school, such as bi-weekly school and bi-weekly school, is more complicated and there are still concerns about parents.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon.

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Baekseok Elementary School and Incheon Preschool were stopped attending the news that teachers in their 20s were confirmed.

More than 400 students, including first and second grade students, students and faculty members who started school, were tested by Corona19.

[Baek Seok-cho, 1st grade parent: I was called in the morning, so all the children are going to test. The whole family was in trouble.]

Nationwide kindergartens and 830 schools, which account for 4% of elementary, middle and high schools, postponed or stopped attending school.

However, the education authorities plan to schedule sequential attendance to school as scheduled.

However, for the kindergarten and elementary and junior high schools in the metropolitan area where the number of patients is increasing, the existing recommendation to reduce the number of attendance to 2/3 of all students was amended to reduce it to a third.

High school standards are maintained for two-thirds or less.

[Park Baek-beom / Deputy Minister of Education: In accordance with the circumstances of each city, distance classes and attending classes should be conducted in parallel to comply with the proposed standards for school density.] Some

voices of dissatisfaction are still not fundamental.

[Primary school parents: Now the kids are so frustrated with wearing masks like this, and I'm worried that this will be like Singapore (the level of spread of Corona 19).] The

government decided to lift orders to suspend the daycare centers nationwide except for the metropolitan area starting next week. I did.

It takes into account the situation where the utilization rate of emergency care is already over 70% even in the closed state.

The government said that it would not obligate the child to wear a mask considering the young age of the child, but instead would thoroughly monitor the situation.