Yesterday (28th) Corona19 All additional confirmed domestic residents came from the metropolitan area. Even if you broaden your coverage to the recent week, about 90 percent of the patients have been in the metropolitan area, and health officials have told you to refrain from meetings and events this weekend.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-rae.

<Reporter> The

health authorities used the strong expression 'crisis' for the current situation in the metropolitan area.

[Jung Eun-Kyung / Disease Management Headquarters: Concerns about spreading to the local community have increased due to collective infection through the distribution center, and it is considered to be a crisis in the metropolitan area.] In

fact, from the 21st of the week, Seoul among 181 infected people , Gyeonggi, and Incheon areas are close to 90%.

First, a group infection that started at the Itaewon Club from the beginning of this month has spread throughout the metropolitan area through singing workshops and restaurants.

There were 266 confirmed persons yesterday.

In Bucheon Coupang Distribution Center, the first confirmed cases occurred on the 23rd, and over a hundred people were infected in a week.

Authorities say this weekend is an important time to stop a mass infection in the metropolitan area and urged them to refrain from going out.

In addition, from Monday next week, the public mask 'Buy 5 Subtitles' was abolished and the system was changed so that anyone could buy a mask for health on any day they want, regardless of the weekday holiday.

Adults can live up to three per week, as before, but if you are under 18, your maximum purchase will increase to five to ensure that there are no disruptions to school.

The government has also decided to make and distribute a splash-mask that is easier to breathe than a health mask to make it easier to use in the summer.