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new corona19 confirmed over 50 people for two consecutive days due to the collective infection of the distribution center following the Itaewon Club. Starting next week, the 5th Public Mask Subtitle will be abolished and can be purchased regardless of the day of the week.

Kwak Sang is a reporter.


Among the new corona19 confirmed cases, 55 cases are cases of community infection, in addition to 3 overseas inflows.

79 people were confirmed the day before, and it was over 50 for two consecutive days.

The number of confirmed patients related to the distribution center increased to 96 after six days after the first confirmed patient, of which 70 were directly infected and 26 cases were spread.

The government has decided to stop operating public facilities such as art galleries and museums in the metropolitan area for about two weeks until the 14th of next month to prevent further spread of infections in the metropolitan area.

In addition, it was strongly recommended to refrain from operating schools and PC rooms that students use a lot.

[Kim Kang-lip / Vice Minister of Health and Welfare: We ask for cooperation and participation from residents in the metropolitan area. Please cancel or postpone various meetings and events for the next two weeks.] The

public mask system will also be improved.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Affairs decided to abolish the five subtitles from next month and expand the number of mask purchases for elementary, middle and high school students to five.

Purchases can be made once or multiple times, regardless of the year of birth or the day of the week.

In addition, the production of surgical masks, whose demand has skyrocketed, has more than doubled, and we have decided to supply a new 'blocking mask' that can be worn for a long time in everyday life in addition to the existing health and surgical masks.