Japan's comfort women victim Lee Yong-soo (92) and her grandmother holding a second press conference tomorrow (25th), who pointed out the issue of accounting transparency in the Justice and Memory Association and expressed their intention to absent from the demand gathering.

Lee said she will hold a press conference tomorrow at 2 pm in a teahouse in Nam-gu, Daegu.

This is the place where the grandmother held the first press conference on the 7th that revealed the problem of justice.

It was reported that this grandmother's side would limit the number of attendees for reasons such as narrowing of the place, and receive only 5 questions from the interviews.

In addition, it is said that the possibility of attending a press conference by former chairman Jeong Yeon-yeon and Yoon Mi-hyang as well as Democratic National Assembly member-elect Min-hyang Lee is said to be rare.