At one time, the number of people who started their second life in Jeju has increased greatly. Those who went to Jeju are leaving Jeju now. For the first time in 10 years, the number of people leaving Jeju for the first time has increased.

Reporter Ryu Hee-jun met people and heard why.


Pilates instructor in his late 20s.

I moved to Jeju in September of last year, but I am packing again in less than a year.

[Ahn Eun-jung (age 27) / Jeju immigration 9 months after: 'Seoul Oneroom', and find where you want to go every day like this.] There

are hundreds of thousands of institutes or students, so the monthly income is 700,000 won.

I tried a part-time job at a convenience store, but there were no other jobs I deserved to quit in three months.

[Ahn Eun-jung (age 27) / Jeju immigration Week 9 months: If you don't play 'Student', you can't maintain your life, here. I don't think there are many places I can do.] A

couple in their 30s who left Jeju two years ago.

My husband, who worked as a salesperson in Jeju, achieved the first place in the country in a month after joining the company, but continued to suffer from circular hair loss due to discrimination that he was not a Jeju person.

[Lee Dong-yoon (37 years old) / Move from Jeju to Cheongju: Because people from Jeju Island play quietly across the social network and make orders at once, they earn 5 million to 6 million won at a time, and I earn only 800,000 to 900,000 won per month It's the same.]

After retirement, the man in his 60s who has been preparing for returning to farming for the past 5 years has a lot of concerns about whether to leave Jeju these days.

This is because the price of the land has risen so much that they cannot afford to buy farmland.

[Go Hee Kwon (60 years old) / Jeju immigrant: The orchard that was rented when it first came to 300,000 won per pyeong. It is

a suburb village in Jeju City (it's a situation.) That now exceeds 1 million won (per pyeong) .

Four out of every ten inhabitants are migrants, but more than a third are leaving without settling.

[Choi Jae-heon / Jeju Authorized Broker: Because there are no big companies in Jeju, especially young 30's and 40's can't live stably while working ... .] The

price of homes has also tripled in the past 10 years, making Jeju the second-highest in terms of home purchase burden after Seoul.

Due to some exclusive culture, lack of jobs, and rising real estate prices, more and more people are leaving Jeju.

In December last year, the population of Jeju moved out of Korea for the first time in 10 years, and this trend is expected to continue for the time being.

[No Kwang-pyo / Director of the Korea Labor and Social Research Institute: I think Jeju should feel the seriousness of this problem. For 10 years, Jeju Island has become rich, but Jeju citizens are poor. The money I don't seem to be spending properly for Jeju's sustainable economy.]

(Video coverage: Wonsik Lee)