A small boat was discovered on the beach in Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, believed to have been stolen by Chinese.

The Army's 32nd Division and the Marine Police are chasing those who left the boat and fled.

According to the Taean Maritime Police, yesterday (23rd), at 11 am, a small boat abandoned on the beach in Uihang-ri was discovered by the villagers and reported to the coast.

The villager said, "I started reporting on the 20th because I was left on the beach and felt strange."

Inside the boat, items and clothes that seemed to be made in China, leftover drinks and bread were found.

On the basis of this, Haekyung estimated that the Chinese were smuggled.

The military and police confirmed that six people were getting off the boat and running across the beach through CCTV.

Boats abandoned on the beach were found not to be sold domestically.

(Photo = readers provided, Yonhap News)