Youtuber broadcasted his drunk driving on the Internet in real time, and was handed over to trial and sentenced to imprisonment.

The Incheon District Court ordered Mr. A, who was accused of drinking and driving under the Road Traffic Act, sentenced to two years of probation in six months of imprisonment and ordered 40 hours of compliance driving lessons.

Mr. A was prosecuted for driving a car drunk on the 12th of February 12th at 11:10 pm from the road in front of his home in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon to the neighborhood of an apartment in Seo-gu.

Mr. A broadcasted himself driving drunk on YouTube channel in real time.

The police caught Mr. A after receiving 112 reports that YouTuber was driving drunk during a live broadcast, accessing the relevant YouTube channel and tracking the vehicle's traffic.

The blood alcohol concentration of Mr. A measured immediately after arrest was 0.101%, which is the license cancellation value.

The court explained the reason for the sentence, considering that the accused had made a mistake and promised not to drive drunk again, and had no record of committing the same kind of crime.

(Photo = Yonhap News)