Even if you are a long-term resident who has registered as an alien, you must obtain a re-entry permit in advance when you leave Japan starting next month.

When entering Korea again, a medical certificate issued by a local medical institution must also be submitted.

The Ministry of Justice announced today (23th) that it will implement the 'Registered Foreign Re-entry Permit System' and 'Must carry a medical certificate' to block overseas influx of coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) from the 1st of next month.

Since 2010, the government has exempted re-entry permits if registered foreigners re-enter within one year of leaving Japan.

However, registration will be canceled for foreigners who leave Japan without re-entry permission starting next month.

However, foreigners and overseas Koreans (A-4) who are eligible to stay in diplomatic (A-1), public affairs (A-2), or agreement (A-3) do not need to obtain a re-entry permit as they are.

Re-entry permits can be applied by visiting national immigration and foreign government offices.

The Ministry of Justice is planning to develop an online application system (www.hikorea.go.kr) to apply for a re-entry permit without visiting a government office and to operate it next month.

At the time of re-entry examination, it is mandatory to submit a medical certificate issued by a local medical institution.

The medical certificate must be issued in Korean or English two days before departure (48 hours), and should include the presence or absence of symptoms related to Corona 19 and the date of examination and inspection.

Foreign nationals and foreign nationals with diplomatic, public, or agreement status can re-enter the country without submitting a medical certificate.

Investors and entrepreneurs with a 'quarantine waiver' issued by a diplomatic mission abroad are also exempt from the obligation to submit a medical certificate.

(Photo = Yonhap News)