Sara Cunial's speech has been viewed several thousand times on YouTube and Facebook. - YouTube screenshot

  • Sara Cunial, an Italian MP, excluded from the 5-star movement, made several statements on May 14 about Bill Gates and vaccination.
  • 20 Minutes reviews them.

A video viewed thousands of times on YouTube or Facebook, in several languages. Sara Cunial, an Italian MP, charges against Bill Gates and his foundation. She relayed several rumors there, which we decipher below.

Sara Cunial is a former member of the 5-star movement, expelled in April 2019 because of several positions against her group and statements opposed to vaccination - in 2018, she had already been suspended from the group for anti-vax remarks.

In this intervention, delivered on May 14 in the Italian Parliament, the elected official launched several accusations against Bill Gates and the actions of his foundation. We review them below.

  • What Sara Cunial said: "The first WHO financier is the savior of the world and philanthropist Bill Gates"

In the last quarter of 2019, the United States was the main contributor to the World Health Organization. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation came second. The situation is set to change in the coming months: Bill Gates has promised to give an additional $ 250 million to fight the Covid-19, while Donald Trump threatened on May 18 to permanently cut all funding for the international organization.

  • What Sara Cunial said: “Bill Gates, already in 2018, prophesied of a pandemic which was simulated in Event 201 with his friends from Davos. "

Event 201 was not a prophecy, but a theoretical simulation exercise carried out in October 2019 in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It was not on the Covid-19. We had devoted an article in January to this accusation.

  • What Sara Cunial Said: "He [Bill Gates] literally said in one of his statements," If we do a good job with vaccines, health care and reproduction, we can reduce the world's population by 10 -15% ". He goes on to say, "Only genocide can save the world." "

There is no record of this so-called quote from Bill Gates on a "genocide" that could "save the world". As for the first part of the quote, it is taken from a Ted Talk given by Bill Gates in 2010. This deals with new energies and the goal of reaching zero carbon emissions in 2050. Here is what said the billionaire (from 4'30 '' in the video below): "The world today has 6.8 billion people. This figure rises to 9 billion. If we really do a great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could reduce that [population growth] by, maybe, 10 or 15 percent. "

Bill Gates is referring to the growth of the world's population here. As the American fact-checking site Snopes points out, Bill Gates believes that reduced infant mortality and better access to care can reduce the rate of growth. If children have a better chance of survival, parents will choose to have fewer children. An idea he has formulated several times.

  • What Sara Cunial said: “Thanks to his vaccines, he has succeeded in sterilizing millions of women in Africa and has given rise to an epidemic of polio causing the paralysis of half a million children in India. "

The rumor has spread since several vaccination campaigns against tetanus in the 1990s in several countries. It was relaunched in 2014 in Kenya, after a vaccination campaign was launched in the country by WHO targeting young women. It aimed to reduce contamination of babies, recalls AfricaCheck.

Catholic doctors then claimed that the vaccine contained the hormone HCG, based on pregnancy tests which would have revealed the presence of the hormone. Combined with the vaccine, the hormone HCG could cause miscarriages, according to these doctors.

The tests were not carried out under adequate conditions. WHO has published a denial, in which it recalls that the vaccine has been used in 52 countries to immunize 130 million women and their children. This did not prevent the rumor from re-emerging in the country.

The second claim, according to which half a million children were paralyzed in India, is widespread on social networks and was relayed by Robert F. Kennedy JR, the nephew of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as Politifact points out. WHO has counted 17 cases in India of polio derived from vaccination, between 2000 and 2019.

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