Manchester United are suing the creators of the Football Manager games for the club's name "being used extensively throughout the game," The Guardian writes Friday. According to the club, that is an infringement of their trademark.

The club also claims that the makers of the football simulation game series have violated the trademark on the club logo. The game uses a simplified club logo in place of the official Manchester United emblem. That would prevent the club from licensing the logo. Manchester United is losing money because of this.

The club has therefore taken legal action against Sega Publishing and Sports Interactive (SI), the game's publisher and developer.

Sega and SI write in a written defense against United's claim that the club has previously consented to the use of the club name and can therefore now complain more about its use.

Sega and SI say that the use of the club's name is a "legitimate reference to the Manchester United football team in football context". In addition, since 1992 the name of the club has been used in Football Manager and its predecessor Championship Manager "without the club having complained about it before", say the game makers.