A study found that wounds were found in the placenta of pregnant women with Corona19.

Reuters reported on the 22nd that local wounds were found on the placenta of all 16 women who gave birth on March 18th and May 5th at Northwestern Women's Hospital, Illinois, USA.

Of the 16 mothers who were confirmed corona19, 15 gave birth to a healthy child and one aborted.

All born children did not get corona19.

80% of mothers had a placental wound that could damage blood flow to the fetus, and 40% had a blood clot in the placenta.

"The results support the link between coronavirus and blood clots," said Jeffrey Goldstein.

It is known that if there is a problem with placental blood flow, the fetus may not grow properly or die if severe.

Dr. Goldstein said he needed to keep track of the difficulties of the children born to mothers with Corona19.

The paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology in the United States.