Answering the question of “whether there will be a second wave of infections in Russia” with a coronavirus, Malinnikova noted that “the epidemic process itself is realized by very complex mechanisms that involve the human population and the causative agent itself.”

“And how the pathogen behaves, today we can only make assumptions,” she said.

She explained that these assumptions depend on the susceptibility of the population, on how many people who become ill from the coronavirus will end up, which “population layer will acquire protective antibodies, and what immunity”.

“Presumably, there will be small increases in the incidence, but such a wave, such an epidemic as now, of course, the coronavirus will no longer cause,” the infectious disease specialist said.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, during a meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country, said that you need to be prepared for a possible second wave of the spread of coronavirus.