On May 20, the 'Certified Digital Certificate System' was finally abolished as the 'Electronic Signature Law Amendment' passed the plenary session.

However, the accredited certificate system had disappeared six years ago. This is because in May 2014, the e-financial supervision regulation of 'must use an official certificate in online financial transactions and shopping' was deleted.

As this rule disappeared, various private certificates appeared, and thanks to online banking, there was no need to use public certificates.

However, even now, after 6 years, the digital signature market still has a monopoly on public certificates.

It was the 'Amendment to the Electronic Signature Act' that was introduced for the purpose of restraining this monopoly and revitalizing the electronic signature market.

When market competition is active, we expect consumers to be able to use better services.
As the related legislation continues to improve, won't the discomfort of a tired public certificate someday disappear?

Producer Hyeon-jong Ha / Producer Lee Arita / Organizer Jae-kyung Kwon / Hyo-young Bae / Narration Kim Yu-jin / Intern Park Hye-rim

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