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If you are afraid that you may be infected with coronavirus by touching a surface widely used by other people, such as the button of an elevator or the handle of a door, in Thailand they have found a very original solution: use your feet.

A Bangkok shopping center has surprised, and somewhat confused its customers, with a pedal system that allows a lift to operate entirely, from calling it when it's waiting at its doors to choosing a floor.

"They have done a good job preparing this. I feel much safer because we use our hands to do everything all the time," a consumer who did not want to give his full name, but who has identified himself as "Watcharaporn," told Reuters. " "Now that we can use our feet to drive the elevator, it's great."

The idea for this new system comes from Prote Sosothikul, vice president of Development for Seacon, the company that manages the mall. According to their first analyzes, the pedals have given consumers some peace of mind. "The easiest way to get infected is to touch an object that has been contaminated," he told Reuters. "In the end, you will touch your face and the virus will reach your mouth, your eyes or other parts. This is how we came up with this idea."

Thailand is one of the fastest-moving countries in the current scenario of the COVID-19 crisis. Last Sunday, shopping malls and general stores opened for the first time since March, something that is still missing weeks or months in Spain and many other regions.

In total, only 56 deaths and 3,034 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed, and the number of new infections is slowing further. As the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, the pandemic has had a major impact on its tourism activity.

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