Nowadays, you can often see a translucent film attached to a lot of people's hands like an elevator button. But can this film stop the Corona19 virus?

This film is made of copper with an antibacterial effect.

[President of Mr. A / Film: E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumococcal, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Antibacterial test) I have all the test reports I received.]

Then, will the corona virus die?

[A / President of Film Manufacturer: First we don't have any data. That kills the virus. Killing the bacteria means that you have to do a test to kill the virus, but there is no way to do a virus test in Korea. Institution. (In our product) I don't use antivirus. (I didn't use it even for the sellers.)] It 

is confusing whether it works or not. In fact, it is said that the method of suppression is different between the organism 'bacteria' and the organism's 'virus'.

[Eom Joong-Sik / Professor of Infectious Medicine, Gil Hospital, Gachon University: Once there are bacteria, there are ingredients that can't stand for long. However, the effect of preventing the virus from enduring for a long time is not sufficiently verified. Although the environment in which the bacteria cannot grow is similar to the environment in which the virus survives and does not grow, it cannot be said that it is completely the same.]

Recently, experiments have been conducted on how corona19 virus survives depending on the surface of the substance.

[Kim Woo-Joo / Professor of Infectious Medicine, Korea University, Guro Hospital: Since the Corona 19 virus can survive up to 4 hours on the copper surface, you should not be too blind to the copper antibacterial film.] In

other words, the antibacterial product does not stop the Corona 19 virus. Talking.

[Eom Jung-sik / Professor of Infectious Medicine, Gil Hospital, Gachon University: Wearing a mask is the most important thing in connection with corona. And hand hygiene and distance keeping are the three most important things.]

Rather than blindly trusting a specific product, we should refrain from talking in the elevator and follow basic precautions to wash hands after pressing a button.

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