Some pet sales companies are frowning on advertisements to receive dogs or cats as emergency funds.

Currently, presale through business is not illegal in Korea. It is not impossible to sell pets or buy related supplies at pet shops except for stores in large marts as emergency funds.
However, as the postings of online advertisements such as SNS saying "It is possible to sell for emergency disasters" continue to rise, a number of netizens have criticized them as saying 'beyond the line'.

Disaster funding to support emergency living costs is far from the original purpose, and above all, pet shops, the main supplier of dog factories that mostly exploit breed dogs, have once again lost their ethical value before money.

The netizens voiced concerns such as, "If you adopt them in a shop, a dog factory will flourish. If you love puppies, don't go to a pet shop."
Unfortunately, the appearance of these advertisements can be interpreted as the response of companies that have quickly read the changes in pet demand caused by Corona19. 

According to a recent foreign report, the pre-sale of pets is increasing as the time in the house increases due to 'putting on the street', and in Korea, sales of major pet sale companies have increased from 20% to 40%.

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(Photo = capture of portal site and pet shop website)