Researchers from Australia say they have set a new record for the fastest data transfer yet: 44.2 terabits per second. That writes research magazine Nature Communications Friday. At that speed, users could theoretically download a thousand HD movies in one second.

The researchers reached the record speed by using a device known as a 'micro comb'. The micro comb was tested outside the laboratory on an optical fiber used in fiber optic connections worldwide.

The micro comb was placed in the fibers of the cable, providing a more efficient and compact way to transmit data. According to the researchers, this is the first time the technology has been used outside of a laboratory.

As the technology gained speed on existing connections, the researchers hope that their findings provide a glimpse of what internet connections might look like in the future.

"Our research demonstrates the potential of fibers we already have in the ground. Micro-combs provide an opportunity to meet the insatiable demand for bandwidth in the world," one of the researchers told the BBC .