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While everyone could post a message in a discussion thread, Twitter is implementing new settings that allow users to control conversations. Since Wednesday, a user of the social network can now decide who can reply to his tweets, says  Presse-Citron .

From now on, once the message is posted, you will be able to choose who can feed a discussion: "Everyone, only the people you follow, or simply those you mention", writes Twitter France.

From today, we are testing new parameters allowing you to control who can respond to your Tweet: everyone, only the people you follow, or simply those you mention.

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- Twitter France (@TwitterFrance) May 20, 2020

A limited number of testers

Users who are not designated will still see a "reply" option but it will be grayed out. However, they will still be able to see the conversation, retweet it by placing a comment and like it. For now, Twitter offers its function on iOS, Android and the Web platform only to a limited number of users around the world.

For the moment, this functionality has received a rather mixed reception, indicates Presse-Citron . Some people fear that the debate will become impossible or that those responsible for fake news will have free rein to post messages without being contradicted.


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