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Netflix wants to save you from paying for nothing. The streaming platform has thus decided to delete the subscriptions of its inactive users, she announced in a press release. These will therefore no longer be debited every month.

"At Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they don't use," said the American giant. It would seem that many registered people do not take advantage of it and forget to unsubscribe.

An alert will be sent

Netflix will first notify targeted customers. "We ask everyone who hasn't watched anything on Netflix for a year after signing up to confirm that they want to keep their subscription," the statement said. An email will be sent back to them and if they open the application, they will also receive a notification. If they don't confirm their willingness to continue the subscription, Netflix will delete it.

For users who have not watched anything for at least two years, the streaming leader announces an automatic termination, specifies Phonandroid .

0.5% of Netflix accounts are affected

All of these inactive accounts represent 0.5% of Netflix subscribers. According to the latest figures, the platform, which has garnered a record number of customers in recent months, has 182.9 million paying subscribers worldwide.

All is not lost for customers who will have their subscription suspended. These accounts can be activated again for ten months at any time. An operation that allows you to find your favorites and preferences.


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