Prosecutors seized and searched dozens of facilities related to Sincheonji today (22nd). This was the first time three months ago when a complaint was reported that Shincheonji had interfered with the prevention of Corona 19.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha reports.


Prosecutors investigators are in the headquarters of the general assembly in Sincheonji, Gwacheon.

Prosecutors began a massive seizure search on Shincheonji in connection with suspicion that Shintoji was intercepted by missing the list.

[It will take a while. This time… ] About

100 prosecutors and investigators simultaneously seized and searched dozens of facilities related to Sincheonji, such as the Gwacheon Sincheonji General Headquarters, Gapyeong Peace Palace, Busan, Gwangju, and Daejeon.

The homes and offices of President Lee Man-hee and officials from each branch of Shincheonji were also included.

In February, the nationwide Sinchon Jiphae Natural University accused President Lee of prosecution of alleged violations of the prevention of infectious diseases, embezzlement, and resignation.

Immediately after the accusations, demands for investigation into Sincheonji followed, but the prosecution has been cautious to exercise the right to prosecution in order to help the government's defense activities.

According to an analysis, Corona 19 has been put on a forensic investigation because it is showing a slight sedation and will not interfere with quarantine.

The prosecution's investigation is likely to focus on allegations of interfering with quarantine, including suspected omission of members of Shincheonji, but it is also expected to conduct investigations into the alleged charges of embezzlement or embezzlement.

Upon completion of the seizure analysis, the prosecution plans to summon and investigate key officials at the headquarters of the General Assembly of Shincheonji, and then summon and investigate President Lee Man-hee.

(Video coverage: Inpil Sung, Lee Yong-han, Jung Kyung-moon, Video editing: Ho-jin Kim, CG: Jun-ho Lee)