Mayor Augustine, who resigned on charges of sexual harassment of his subordinates, said he was sorry for the victim.

Mayor Oh, who attended the Busan Police Agency on the 29th after resignation and was investigated by the suspect, said after completing the investigation at about 10 pm, "I am disappointed with the citizens of Busan and especially sorry for the victim."

Oh, the mayor also said, "I am faithful to the police investigation."

Mayor Oh answered the question of further sexual harassment suspicions and said, "I know there is no such thing."

Mayor Oh, who resigned from the mayor's job on the 23rd of last month, dismissed from the mayor's office and was criticized for silence in response to various suspicions such as coordinating the resignation period.

When I attended the police for an investigation of the suspect today at around 8 am, it was confirmed that I was sneak up on a cargo elevator in the underground parking lot of the Busan Police Agency, and I was interested in expressing my position separately after the investigation.

Oh, the mayor's side said a few words while pondering the end of the investigation about the reporter's request to `` don't hide anymore and express your position. ''

Mayor Oh was suspected of being investigated by the Women's and Youth Investigation Division on the 10th floor of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency and the Office of Intelligent Crime.

The investigations included the charges of sexual harassment of employees at the beginning of last month, another sexual harassment allegation last year, attempts to shun the case before the general election (abuse of abuse), suspicion of requesting jobs for sexual harassment (accusation of abuse), concealment of sexual harassment before the general election (abuse of violation of the Public Election Act) Known.

In the process of investigating reference victims and victims, such as city hall staff and government affairs lines, the police obtained considerable evidence of sexual harassment charges last month and went into the investigation.

Mayor Oh acknowledged the basic facts of the alleged sexual assault but disagreed with the application of the law.

After reviewing the statements, the police plan to further summon the mayor to determine the level of recruitment.

(Photo = Yonhap News)