Residents were arrested a little while ago regarding the extreme choices made by security guard Ko Choi Hee-suk while appealing to the residents.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.

<Reporter> An

arrest warrant has been issued to Resident A, who is allegedly assaulting and threatening Choi after a dispute with parking guard Choi Hee-seok.

The court that judged Mr. A's arrest warrant stated "there is fear of destroying evidence and running away."

Victim Choi was killed and there was no direct damage statement, but he acknowledged the need to be arrested with evidence such as will and CCTV.

Mr. A, who denied the charges in the police investigation on the 17th, closed his mouth tightly in front of the reporters after completing the warrant review.

[Mr. A: (Do you admit it? Did you claim that you were both assaulting today?)… .]

There was no apology.

Choi's older brother, who died, protested vigorously.

[Mr. Choi Hee-seok, older brother: ○○○ Save my younger brother! ○○○ This is a bad boy!]

Choi made an extreme choice on the 10th after leaving a voice testament to Mr. A that he was injured, assaulted, and threatened.

[Mr. Choi Hee-seok's willingness to nurture: ○○○ met with a person, and he withheld it as a medicine. Even though it was so hard, I worked while taking that medicine.]

Earlier, Citizen's memorial citizens filed a petition in court with more than 3,000 signatures urging A's arrest and strict investigation.

(Video coverage: Donghwan Shin, Video editing: Hyunki Jang)