On the first day of school, 66 high schools in Incheon, where two high school third graders were confirmed by corona 19 and were returned to home, will resume school next week.

The Ministry of Education and Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education announced on the 22nd that 66 high school students from 5 districts, including Michuhol-gu, Jung-gu, Dong-gu, Namdong-gu, and Yeonsu-gu, will return to school starting next Monday.

The education authorities explained that all students who used the Vision Plaza of Seoul Fitness Incheon and Mitsukhol-gu coin karaoke building, which had been attended by two high school seniors, went to Yeonsu-gu, and decided to do so.

There were 972 students, including 129 students from academy and 843 visitors to Vision Plaza, at the Corona 19 test.