Controversy is accused by the fact that Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, has provided corona19-related quarantine goods to Japan.

Yesterday (21st) Gyeongju City sent 1,200 sets of protective clothing and 1,000 glasses to each of its sister cities, Nara City, Japan, and Kyoto City, the city of exchange, by air. He said he would be supporting 500 protective glasses.

Kyoto City introduced the support video message of Mayor Joo Nak-young of Gyeongju City to YouTube channels, and the mayor of the state said, "It is a real friend and neighbor to help when it is difficult."

When the news was announced, many netizens responded that they could not understand. Last month, the government also said there was no discussion of mask support for Japan, and the diplomatic and economic conflicts between Korea and Japan have not been resolved. At this point, it is difficult to understand that the local government decided to apply for Japan alone.

On the homepage of Gyeongju City and on the personal Facebook page of Mayor Joo Nak-young, accusations such as "Daegu is suffering from illness when they are suffering from corona" and send relief supplies to Japan after opposing transportation to Gyeongju, "Why are you helping Japan with national taxes?" Lost.

In the end, Mayor Joo Nak-young said, "Isn't it helpful for us to succeed at the subsistence level, and is it truly our way to overcome Japan?" "I want to do it," he said, but he still continues to argue.

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(Photo = Yonhap News, Mayor Nakyoung Joo's Facebook, Kyoto City YouTube)